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DesignFutures Venture seeks to accelerate the future economy of Sarawak in partnership with the best minds and global capital of Singapore to impact a better future.

Annoucements during the launch of DesignFutures Venture at Shape the World Summit 2022

Launch of DesignFutures Venture

by Lawrence Chong

Launch of 1,000,000 FutureTrees Initiative

by Dato Chris Chung

Launch of InsectFeed investment, Green Data Centres initiative, and Promoting Sarawakian Art in Singapore

 by Lawrence Chong

Our strategic view of opportunities in the future economy.

Guided by the four future trends (FEDS) identified by Innovation by design firm, Consulus in its Future Resilience by Design Framework, the investment holding company invests and develops projects in:


Food Tech and Sustainability to meet the challenges of food shortages.


Environmental Tech to fight Climate Change.


Data-oriented projects such as Green Data Centres to provide better jobs for future generations.


Space industry development so that the next generation has opportunities in the growing sector.

Exploring projects by DesignFutures Venture

Based on FEDS: Food Tech, Environment, Data, and Space.

Exploring investing in farm tech in Singapore and education and also scaling that in Sarawak.

Insect Feed Startup in Singapore

Investing in insect feed tech in Singapore and how to scale that in Sarawak.

Sarawak Art and NFT in Singapore

Exploring how to bring Sarawak Art into Singapore with an NFT component.

Data Centre, Crypto Projects powered by Renewable energy

Tapping Singapore’s expertise and using renewable energy.

Startup or business in the food tech sector.

Startup or business in the environmental tech sector.

Startup or business in the data sector.

Startup or business in the space sector.

Promote arts and culture from Sarawak.